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Our Story

In 2013 Aaron Matthews, Alan Hooper, and Samuel Short opened Zoobies Old Town Tavern.  A neighborhood pub focusing on craft beer, boutique wine, and classic cocktails, it was the first in a number of properties that focus on chef driven cuisine and small independently-made beer, wine, and liquor.   Since then our company has grown to include

4 corporate concepts and a management portfolio that includes a number of actively managed bars, breweries, and restaurants.  


We have a small-minded ethos. We think small, we consider the ingredients individually, we consider the individuals invaluable, and we know that important ideas are built one small step at a time.

We focus on a spectacular dining experience, with a singular goal of discovering  exactly what that means to you.


Trends are created by consistent, educated, focused experimentation.  We devote ourselves to the pursuit of newness - to the challenge of progress.

We've opened and run wine bars, beer bars, production breweries, brewpubs, fine dining restaurants, fast casual restaurants, fast fresh restaurants, cocktail bars, get the idea.